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                                                        Non-Objective Statement

In this series of paintings I’m primarily interested in formal relationships and have moved away from my previously representational work towards the non-objective. My reference for this approach is not found in observations of the three-dimensional world but rather from the intuitive experience of the painting process mediated by my own aesthetic vision. I take inspiration from the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky who was interested in “cosmic conflict and renewal” or that any initial mark might require another and then another until a unified whole is achieved, or that a painting is created through a series of necessary relationships determined by the process of painting itself. I’m interested in demonstrating a dialogue and interaction of form that in the end yields an aesthetic whole. That intuitive result is often unexpected and sometimes surprising but always restrained by my own aesthetic criteria. I see these works as arenas of aggregate chaos, a dialogue predicated on process and the arduous search for beauty and finality.

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